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Travel medical insurance is designed to provide a valuable healthcare protection when leaving your home country. However, most U.S. health insurance plans offer very limited or no coverage abroad to help in the case of an emergency. For instance, Medicare offers no overseas benefits for seniors. Therefore, the travel insurance coverage is designed to supplement health insurance at home, but not replace it. This gives you an extra security blanket in the case of medical emergency.

Group Corporate Plans

Group Corporate Plans are designed to meet the needs of companies that are sending employees globally for less than 6 months. Unlike regular travel medical plans, preexisting conditions are typically covered. Pricing is based on how many days or weeks of travel the entire company projects over the next 12 months.

Common Types Of Group Clients:

  • Schools – Boarding school, study abroad
  • Corporations
  • Missionary
  • NGO (non-government organizations)

Common Features and Benefits:

  • Global coverage
  • 24/7 multilingual assistance
  • Maximum benefits – most plans offer coverage from $50K to $1mil or more in total benefits
  • Assistance in locating quality medical care and in navigating foreign healthcare system
  • Online tools – access your policy information, travel information like health and safety warnings, drug and medical term translation guides
  • Renewable for a limited amount of time
  • Preexisting Conditions – typically excluded but some plans have limited or full preexisting conditions coverageOrion International Travel Insurance Case Studies


Orion International Travel Insurance Case Studies

Education Success Story

A US based college prep school with 500 foreign students scattered around 4 campuses in 4 states. All are J1 visa holders and require medical insurance that meets US visa requirements as well as school medical requirements.

Challenge: Simplify Insurance Administration & Reduce Costs
The School wanted a simple way to administer international students with medical insurance satisfying all requirements at a cost lower than their existing plan.

Solution: Orion International’s Student Travel Medical Insurance
We created a high quality, easy-to-administer travel medical insurance plan for all students. The plan provided students with access to any doctor or hospital in the US plus a network of providers to minimize out-of-pocket costs. Benefits included coverage for interscholastic sports and other important features desired by the school.

Individual Client Success Story

A US senior citizen and spouse wanted to enjoy their retirement by taking multiple trips overseas. However, Medicare does not provide overseas coverage.

Challenge: Acquire Cost-Effective Overseas Travel Insurance For Retirement
Both clients had pre existing conditions and were concerned about medical costs should they seek medical attention while overseas.

Solution: Orion International’s Annual Travel Medical Insurance
For a low annual fee each year, both individuals were covered for an entire year regardless of how many trips they took. By electing a high level of coverage, their preexisting conditions were automatically covered – whereas the vast majority of travel plans would have excluded the same coverage. The couple had access to an excellent member website where they could research health and safety information and find local quality medical care with English-speaking staff in any major destination

Real Estate Success Story

A US based real estate firm experienced a growth phase that required them to frequently sending employees overseas and convening with foreign employees.

Challenge: Reduce Liability & Equip Employees with Adequate Travel Insurance
US employees had extremely limited medical service coverage with their existing health plan and European employees had no coverage outside of their socialized health systems. The firm was concerned about the liability of sending employees overseas with inadequate health insurance.

Solution: Orion International’s Corporate Travel Medical Insurance
We brokered a global corporate travel medical plan that covered all existing employees and new hires regardless of destination. Carrier provided excellent materials to give to travel employees such as ID cards with 24/7 multilingual assistance, access to member website to research doctors and hospitals at any destination.

High Risk Client Success Story

A broker approached Orion with a very unique client. The client was a US military contractor and needed a benefit program for their clients in Iraq, Afghanistan as well as several European countries.

Challenge: Acquire Travel Insurance for High Risk Zones
This presented many unique challenges as many international benefits will have restrictions for war zones. Also, most of the unitization of the medical benefits would be in the US because the families would be staying behind.

Solution: Orion International’s High Risk Travel Insurance
Orion’s solution incorporated benefits that included acts of war and terrorism. Families at home remained happy by having access to a large US PPO network. Orion even built an overseas employee benefit manual that included locations for medical care on US bases.


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