Who We Serve

Orion International offers a vast array of global health insurance solutions for a wide assortment of clients with varying needs, including but not limited to:

  • US citizens residing abroad
  • Foreign nationals residing abroad
  • Key local nationals
  • People requiring access to the best healthcare in the world

Plans We Offer

Orion offer plans with different levels of coverage, ranging from basic levels of health insurance packages for people with limited budgets to the most extensive levels of global health insurance across the world.

Orion International benefits include:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Local hospitalization
  • Accessible & recognized by global provider networks by nearly any medical care agency in the world
  • Online tools to access policy information, print ID cards, and look up health and safety information

Unique Offerings For U.S. Citizens Residing Abroad

We highly recommend U.S. citizens already residing overseas to contact us about their current international health insurance plans. With our unparalleled expertise regarding the shifting healthcare landscape, Orion International can help U.S. expatriates adopt custom plans tailored to their specific needs – plans that are typically unavailable from most international brokers.

Orion International advantages include:

  • Keep the plan upon returning to the United States
  • Use Medicare while in the U.S. yet access the best healthcare while overseas
  • This unique plan is up to 40% lower in premium than traditional international health plans
  • Satisfy HIPAA compliance with a certificate of credible coverage that seamlessly waives or eliminates a preexisting condition should one decide to change plans
  • Benefit from coverage for chronic and recurring conditions that are typically not included in foreign health insurance contracts

Reasons not to rely on U.S. health insurance while overseas:

  • Residency is tested differently in the insurance world than by the IRS.
    A U.S. health insurance company can terminate your individual health plan or terminate your membership from a group health insurance plan if you reside for more than 6 months to a year outside of the US.
  • Access to quality healthcare will be limited at best.
    U.S. health insurance companies do not have networks of overseas medical providers, leaving you with the responsibility to locate doctors and hospitals that offer quality medical care. In addition, language barriers and currency conversions will be problematic for reimbursement purposes.
  • Coverage is typically limited to only emergencies.
    The majority of U.S. health insurance plans offer only emergency care while citizens are overseas. This won’t work if you have a family and need to have routine check-ups and remedial help for ongoing medical conditions.
  • Lack of immediate assistance.
    U.S. health insurance companies are unavailable to provide 24/7 assistance, and are likely not to respond to inquiries or emergency calls made by a non-English speaker.

Unique Offerings for Foreign Nationals Residing in the U.S.

Foreign nationals are acutely aware that their healthcare coverage terminates at their border. Socialized healthcare plans do not allow for care abroad. Supplemental healthcare options are also very limited in terms of levels of coverage and time restrictions while overseas, whereas there are latterly 100,000s of quality doctors in Orion International’s network across the United States.

Reasons not to buy travel insurance from your home country:

  • It will be capped in benefits.
    Healthcare is very expensive in the US and foreign coverage will likely not offer you enough coverage. You will likely end up paying the difference, which can easily go up to the thousands.
  • It will likely self-terminate.
    After a certain time of residency in the U.S., travel insurance from your home country will likely expire.
  • It will not be recognized by most healthcare providers.
    The majority of U.S. doctors and hospitals will not recognize foreign health insurance plans, making it very difficult for foreigners to seek out quality medical attention while overseas. In contrast, Orion’s international insurance plans are accepted by leading medical facilities all over the United States.


Individual Client Insurance Case Studies

Winery Client Success Story

A California based winery needed a Chinese national executive to open up market in China. However, the executive’s existing health insurance plan did not extend its medical coverage overseas. Likewise, the executive did not qualify for U.S. health insurance because he was not part of the U.S. payroll.

Challenge: Insure Health Care Coverage Extended Overseas
Local Chinese health insurance packages are generally inadequate with incredibly limited levels of medical coverage. Also in consideration was the executive’s family, who would be relocating to China with him.

Solution: Orion International’s Overseas Travel Medical Insurance
Orion surveyed several international plans of varying degrees of coverage. The executive ultimately decided to go with a plan that offers unlimited lifetime coverage as well as access to the best healthcare providers in China. Orion was also able to have the usual pre existing condition period waived for the client.

In-Bound U.S. Executive Success Story

A California based bank needed a foreign national executive to work at the San Francisco office for 2 years on assignment. However, since the executive would not be on U.S. payroll, he was ineligible for U.S. benefits including health insurance.

Challenge: Acquire Health Insurance That Works Globally
As a frequent traveler, the executive required a health insurance plan that would provide him medical coverage while overseas.

Solution: International Medical Insurance
Orion quickly identified an international health insurance plan that would allow the executive to take up residency in the United States without violating any residency clauses. The plan provided the executive with medical coverage while traveling abroad, insuring him against any illness or accidents. Orion was able to assist the executive in identifying a wide range of quality health care professionals in the San Francisco area. Orion successfully shaped the client’s overall benefits package according to his individual needs, including life and disability insurance coverage.


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