Expand Your Operations Globally

International PEO is a method of hiring employees anywhere in the world with a light footprint without establishing or maintaining a foreign legal entity. Traditionally, if a company wanted to employ even one person in a foreign market they had two options. They could either bring them in as contractors (or by other non-compliant methods) or set up a foreign legal entity. Hiring employees as contractors can be risky and can present numerous legal issues. On the other hand, setting up a foreign legal entity is a very expensive and tedious process.

Blueback Global

Blueback Global, headquartered in Cupertino, California, provides global business solutions. Blueback Global helps companies plan, launch and maintain their business operations worldwide, by providing an integrated, single point-of-contact solution that encompasses entity set up, Finance, Payroll, Accounting, Human Resource , Entity Structure, Tax and Business Process elements.

Launching and managing a global business is challenging, and our aim is to work with our clients to cut through the diversity and complexities of global business and offer a smooth gateway to their destinations. We have a presence in Cupertino, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, all designed to maximize connectivity and efficiency across time zones and business environments.



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