Employee benefit brokers are inundated with a wide range of challenges from PPACA. Healthcare Reform promises to bring even greater changes in the next few years. As an employee benefits broker, you already have a number of challenges to deal with, whether it’s acquiring new clients or keeping current clients happy.

In addition to these challenges, you are faced with a hyper-competitive marketplace where national brokers are drilling down the mid-market employers and in some cases, the new, promising start-ups. These national players have their own international insurance experts ready to assist their representatives in the market. Though the international insurance portion of a company’s employee benefits is typically very small in comparison to domestic benefits, would you want to risk losing an existing client or a prospective client because your agency does not have the necessary expertise implementing international benefits?

Orion can assist you. We’ve been working with employee benefit brokers and consultants for over a decade.

For most carriers we are considered a Managing General Agency (MGA). Orion can help you perform a number of tasks to give your agency the necessary edge required to thrive in today’s competitive market. Let us be your international insurance department.

What Orion Can Do As Your MGA


Make sure that your client is meeting important compliance requirements. Note that in some countries not meeting compliance requirements can result in termination of work visas, fines and more legal issues.

Due Diligence

We have access to all the insurance markets and can verify all available benefits.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Orion can assist with putting together an an RFP.

Negotiation Renewals

Many companies continue to renew with the same international insurance carrier. That can be fine if the employees are happy with the coverage but can be a problem as trend and other factors push the premium up.

Wide Range of Solutions

We can assist you whether you have a single expatriate or a large group of expatriates – inbound, outbound, third country nationals, students, or hostile environments such as war zones or hazardous industries to consider.

Unique Solutions

Orion can even build a custom insurance plan for your clients if “off the shelf” products don’t meet their needs, and assist you in lowering your clients’ premiums.


Best of all, Orion being an MGA means that commissions go to you.


Orion International Broker Assistance Case Studies

The Carve Out

A domestic broker representing a movie studio based in England with US employees ran into problems when the studio decided to send an executive to work in the States while keeping him on UK payroll.

Challenge: Simplify International Employee Payroll Discrepancies
UK benefits would not work in the US, thus the studio could not put the employee on US benefits without adding him onto US payroll. They had encountered similar issues before when trying to send a domestic employee to Asia.

Solution: Orion International Benefits Package
Orion was able to “carve out” both of these employees, put them on an international benefits package which included coverage in the US. At renewal, Orion surveyed all leading carriers, presented its findings to the studio to educate them on the current pricing of what was available in the marketplace.

Compliance in Multiple Locations

A domestic broker approached Orion with a client in need. The client was a global real estate company that had expanded its holdings globally with nearly two dozen locations. The company wished to create a single cohesive benefits plan for all of its expatriate and third country national employees.

Challenge: Complying with Global Health Insurance Regulations
Our broker’s clients faced issues dealing with the compliance of local and international health insurance regulations as well as finding quality healthcare providers to ensure their employees were properly taken care of, whatever the destination.

Solution: Orion International’s All-Access Global Market
Through its extensive access to global insurance markets, Orion was able to broker a plan that met local compliance issues and maintain expatriate and TCN work visas. Orion located healthcare providers in each city that met or exceeded U.S. medical standards and was able to significantly reduce any renewal increases.


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